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We can carry out a Winter Check for £25 inc vat, Offer ends 30th March 2019

Fixed Price Servicing. Any model. Any make. From £80.00inc vat, Offer ends 31st December 2019

Full four wheel alignment check inc front and rear toe adjustment Only £59.00 inc vat Offer ends 31st December 2019

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Fixed Price Servicing

Fixed Price Servicing

Any Model.  Any Make.

Level 1 Service 

£80.00inc (Petrol 4 cylinder)

£95.00inc (Diesel 4 cylinder & V6)

Service includes:

Fit car protection kit

Change engine oil

Fit new sump washer

Fit new oil filter

Fill out service book


Level 2 Service

£155.00inc (Petrol 4 cylinder)

£170.00inc (Diesel 4 cylinder & 6 cylinder petrol)

Service includes:

Level 1 Plus

Note any body damage

Wash and Vacuum

Check washers and wiper blades

Check operation of all exterior lights

Add engine flush and run engine

Check coolant content

Check drive belts (not cambelt)

Check under bonnet fluid levels

Add screen wash and top up fluid

Check battery condition

Visually check cooling system

Check brake hoses and pipes

Check exhaust system condition

Vissually check front and rear brakes (not drum brakes)

Inspect tyres and set pressures

Report on tyre tread depths

Road test car to check operation of;




Complete service sheet

Report on any additional work


Level 3 Service

£180.00inc (Petrol 4 cylinder)

£195.00inc (Diesel 4 cylinder & 6 cylinder petrol)

Service includes:

Level 1 and 2 Plus

Check clutch cable (if fitted)

Remove all road wheels and check...

Suspension dampers

Handbrake operaton

Check CV boots

Check steering rack boots

Check operation of engine and gearbox


Level 4 Service

£260.00inc (Petrol 4 cylinder)

£285.00inc (Diesel 4 cylinder)

£340.00*inc (6 cylinder) (*Extra cost if inlet manfold has to be removed to fit plugs)

Service includes:

Levels 1, 2 and 3 plus

Adjust handbrake

Check for play in steering rack

Check for oil leaks

Replace spark plugs (petrol only)

Replace air filter

Replace fuel filter (diesel only)



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